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Using soccer to win hearts for Jesus


Our Story.

The story of Kick for Christ began over 20 years ago. Worteh Sampson and Leo Gibson grew up in Liberia during the country’s first civil war and spent much of their childhood moving from place to place to avoid the fighting and turmoil. Although they didn’t know each other yet, they both shared a passion and talent for soccer, which would cause their paths to cross many years later.

In September of 2006, Leo traveled to Detroit, Michigan to try out for the city’s professional indoor soccer team. Sampson was the team member who was assigned to pick up Leo from the airport. During the car ride, Sampson and Leo realized that they were both Liberians and Christians, and a rich and deep friendship began that has since spanned across several years, two different professional soccer teams, and two states.

It was Leo who first thought of Kick for Christ in 2009 during his Bible study time and reached out to Sampson to see if he wanted to be involved. Together they began collecting soccer uniforms and equipment to send back home to Liberian youth. They visited local churches in Kansas City and Detroit to share their mission and vision, and also began planning trips to Liberia to deliver the goods they had gathered. They also organized free soccer camps for youth living in urban Kansas City, Missouri.

Since the beginning, Kick for Christ’s purpose has been to use soccer and faith in Jesus Christ to reach young people. The next mission trip to Liberia is set for April 2019.


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To exemplify Christ's love and influence into the lives of children domestically and internationally.

Kick for Christ | Our Mission

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Kick for Christ is a 501c(3)  Christian charity organization founded by Liberian natives Leo Gibson and Worteh Sampson.The purpose of this organization is to provide soccer gear and professional soccer  training opportunities to the youth of Liberia, West Africa and Kansas City, MO, USA.